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ALPHAPLAN, your reliable partner.

  • The first and unique constructor of a 100% certified measurement robot that measures according to the VDMA Guideline "Floors for use with VNA trucks", DIN 15185, DIN 18202 and TV204
  • an accurate reproduction of the measurement results
  • advice based on the treatment of the measured surface depending on the treated surface, the width of the aisle, the required flatness
  • ensured flatness with the unique FloorShaver and Qplane
  • the availability of a diverse machine ark gives worldwide a fast and accurate tailor-made job
  • a complete offer of products and methods to optimize the driving comfort of the forklift trucks, such as the  FloorBridge joint


Professional, safe and efficient : Alphaplan is ISO 9001-certified and VCA-certified by BCC


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Alphaplan - the best ultraflat floor services