Measuring according to the preferred standard.

VDMA "Floors for use with VNA trucks"


The latest specification is the VDMA guideline "Floors for use with VNA trucks".

Measuring according to the VDMA guideline guarantees a measurement result which meets the following criteria:

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DIN 15 185 Teil 1

DIN15185 Teil 1



In August 1991 the DIN 15185 standard was published, which is specifically concerned with the analysis of floors in high-bay warehouses.  In addition to various tolerances for the racks and the guides of the forklift, tolerances are also included for the flatness of the floor in the aisles and in the open floor area.

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DIN 18202 Zeile 3 & 4

The latest version of the DIN 18202 standard was published in April 1997.  It concerns the flatness of various types of floors.

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